Gotta terminate the hate, spread the positive

My name is Evan and I live in Greece.... Hawaii , surfing , blink 182 , star wars ,and of course summer!!!
Yea.. that's pretty much it bout me....
If you wanna know anything, don't hesitate to ask in my ask xx

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go dumb and disregard ur differences

This is beautiful.

This is what we need to promote

the way he stares at her
the way she looks so confident
the way you can see him blink
the way you can see the smoke 
this gif
cant get over it

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Anonymous asked: (Need advice from a bro) have you ever used a girl,or friend as a back up plan or smth like that? I don't like this girl that way but we were chilling by ourselves and I made a move and now idk if I shud apologise or what..

Depends I mean what did she do? How did she react?
I would tell you to talk to her, see what she said and how she feels and what she wants and see what happens from there you know?
Hope I helped out bro



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I wish I could explain to my non-greek followers

toxaospougoustaro λιωσεεεε!!

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This reminds me of those Japanese landscape paintings, can you spot the humans? We’re so little in comparison to life and nature.